How it works!

This page is still under development - but these videos show how awesome reembox already is!

A short video about how reembox can be used in a dorm.

This short introduction is based on an early prototype and explains all connectors and functionalities.

reembox used to turn on/off lights with a siri proxy on a raspberry (thanks Daniel). Get the Reembox SiriProxy Code on GitHub.



  • The RJ45 connector connects the board to the local network.
  • This connection allows the board to be controlled by every device in the network like smartphones and laptops. No special control panels are required!


  • This feature replaces classic remote controls by learning and simulating ir-codes
  • An IR sensor is able to read infrared signals which can be used to simulate infrared commands through the integrated IR diode.
  • Simple Telnet-Example:
    > telnet reembox 2701
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    irmp receive
    irmp send d1 34 ff
    You can also use the reembox helper which reads ir signals from reembox and converts it to a 'irmp sends' command.


  • With the RFM12 module, reembox controls power outlets, switches and dimmers wirelessly
  • support for all devices based on IC PT2272
  • Intertechno devices up to 256 devices


  • connects sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity) and replaces weather stations


  • provides 16 channels for standard LED strips for shelf and background illumination


  • standard bus for stage lighting, controls moving heads or party lights


  • direct outputs can be used to connect self-made hardware