• Control home devices based on different technologies with your smartphone!
  • Create your own custom remote control for your reembox online!
    NetIO Controller Application


reembox is a 10x11cm small open source home automation box connected to your router and brings home devices to your local network. Lights, TVs, Amps, LEDs or your coffee machine can be controlled with PCs or smartphones (with the NetIO Controller Application) easily!
No electrician or craftsman is needed and if your are blessed with electronical knowledge, you can extend reembox through several IO ports.

We open sourced the reembox project! Check out the project on https://github.com/reembox. You will find all schematics and software tools there. We also have some assembly kits on stock if you do not want to produce the board and buy the parts of your own. Contact us: !

See how it works!